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You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.

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Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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I don’t know how your day is going, but you deserve to let this Ugandan children give you life.


Yellow pants and white shorts you BETTA WERK

went out to dinner for friend’s birthday. real cute waiter. we flirted a wee bit before the rest of the girls showed up and the night got thirsty as fuck. whatever. i aint about that life. sigh.


winter solstice & summer solstice

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I love how your heart beats
whenever I hold you.
I love how you think of me
without being told to.
I love the way your kiss
is always heavenly. 
But darlin’ most of all
I love how you love me.

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I must tell you girls, Tom Hiddleston is the nicest fucking guy on earth," del Toro said during the Legendary Pictures panel, to a swell of shrieks from the audience. "It used to be in the past that you were either nice, or you were good-looking and an asshole. Now that barrier is ruined.

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del Toro is a confirmed full fledged Hiddlestoner guyz

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guillermo del toro summarized hiddleston perfectly. he was amazing. ‘i know it says you cant curse but it’s fucking awesome’ and he proceeded to drop the fbomb throughout the rest of his time, mostly in reference to tom hiddleston.


I spent 16 hours in line waiting to get into the hall. We got in line at 5pm Friday and there was probably 3,000 people in front of us. We saw the Marvel panel - our final goal! Spent a total of 24 hours waiting for that panel.

Great things in the Marvel panel - Age of Ultron trailer (AH!), Ant-Man clip, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 announced! Another highlight was the Warner Brothers panel - fantastic presentation, as well as so much excitement for The Battle of Five Armies. 

However a lot of questions to come up about the future of Comic Con - and WTF is up with Hall H??? Is it possible to get into Hall H if you don’tcamp out? From this experience, it doesn’t seem very likely. We got there at 5pm and were probably at the halfway mark when filling up the room in the morning. However, people who lined up at 11:30pm the night before? They didn’t get in until around 4pm Saturday. Who knows what happened to those who got there at 6am. 

This is a lot different from what I experienced the past two years I have attended Comic Con. The Saturday Hall H is well known to be the most packed and hardest to get into, but last year I lined up at 6am for the Saturday panel and was well in the hall by Marvel and Warner Brothers - probably around 11am. Last year I also camped out for Sunday’s Hall H - featuring Doctor Who (no DW panel this year) and Supernatural. Always a frickfest. However we lined up around 5-6pm the night before and were within the first 500 people in line.

So whats the deal? What’s so messed up with Hall H? Does Comic Con need a bigger venue? I don’t think so (I also hope not - SDCC!!!). According to various sources, both Thursday and Friday Hall H had no lines towards the afternoon - and plenty empty chairs for certain panels. There was also no Doctor Who panel on Sunday this year, and so for a lot of people, and especially me - the only day in Hall H worth spending the night was Saturday. Which would explain the extreme increase in amount of people in lines. Comic Con needs to rearrange their top panels better - I know Saturday is superhero day, but if this continues like this in the future it’s not going to be enjoyable for anyone.

And if all else fails we can blame the lines on Twilight (little known fact - no one at Comic Con spent the night for Hall H until Twilight - curse you sparkly vampires!).

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